Restoration of the West Windows

For some weeks scaffolding shrouded the west wall of the church.  Hidden behind it all work was going on to restore the severely eroded stonework and to replace that which was found to be beyond repair.

Under the direction of our architect, DBR Ltd have carried out the work, which has also included some repairs to the flooring in the north porch.

It has been a conservation project rather than complete renewal, and a lot of the work that has been done cannot be seen from street level.  However, armed with hard hat and camera, your intrepid churchwarden was offered a trip up the scaffolding to see it all at close quarters - too good a chance to miss:-

Here are a few pictures


             The west end shrouded in scaffolding



                         Looking down on South Wimbledon and the parish


                    The new cross and the apex of the roof ready to receive it


                               Kieron carefully places the cross in position


                                    New stonework above the windows


                    Proud of their work - Kieron and Brendan from DBR

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