Prayer List

Prayer List for 15th October and the week following

The parish, especially those living in......Merton High Street, Wandle Bank, Haydons Road, Kendal Court, Carlyn House.

Those in hospital.......Sally Lewis, Sharon Walker, Norah Walker, George Newton.

Those in special need.....Judi Bracher, Mary Brewer, Brittni, Chloe, Benedict, Harry, Beverley Davies, Julia Garrett, Gill, Auriel Glanville, Jacquetta, Jane, Malcolm King, Michael, Philip, Sandra Peddy, Camelie Read, John Snell, Denise Taylor, Tom Walsh, Fr. Philip Warner.

Those in long‑standing illness / need ......Elizabeth Hayter, John & Christine Highmore, Sean Holt, Ayse Hur, Carol James, Janice, Mrs. Keegan, Dominic Keeley, Kate, Ken, Kim, Jason, Judi


Kevin Norris.

Years Mind.

Agnes Davies, Roy Misdon, Fr. Clifford Hendy, George McLeod, Akve Afriyie, George Shearing, Doris Carpenter, Linda Woolgar, Elna Metzger, Anthony Allen.

Please also pray for the parish of Christ the King, Sizinda - our link parish in the Anglican Diocese of Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.


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