Rainbow Fair 2011

The All Saints 'Rainbow' Fair was blessed with fine weather, a host of stalls and  - for the first time - a 'Hat Competition' for the children.  There were also crafts to enjoy as well as a range of culinary delights from the 'All Saints' Catering Team.  Here are just a few pictures:-


        Paul - 'Pop the Balloon'                     Pauline & Mandy - The Rainbow Girls


               Cute Cuticles                                     Sue guards the Crock of Gold


        Roger supervises the craft                               Shawn goes to the wire!


                 Eating the Profits                                        Lady of the Marigolds - Pauline


    Bottles anyone - the two Davids                       Lunch is served - Nola and Jane

And Now those Hats!!!


                            Father Michael and Pauline get judging


Where did you get that hat...........


Where did you get that style?

And the best..............................

               First prize the green hat on the left


                2nd Prize (L)                                                  3rd Prize

                                   Congratulations to all those who took part

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