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Church Flowers

We aim to have at least one flower arrangement in church each week, but we don't take money for flowers from general church funds.

If anyone would like to donate an arrangement in memory of a loved one, or for any other reason, please write your name in the 'flowers donated by' box for that week on the Flower Rota (on the board by the door), and give the money to Ann or Jenny. Money towards the cost of flowers can also be placed in the 'flowers' slot in the wall safe. (As a guide, we usually need to spend about £15 on flowers for the High Altar, and £10 on those at Mary or Joseph, which are smaller - although if you want specific flowers they could cost more.)

Flowers are now arranged on a Wednesday when the working party meets so that there will be more people about and no problem with keys for access. (Please note that there are no flowers in church during Advent or Lent.

Church Working Party

The Wednesday Working Party has been going for many years - ever since a small group of 3 or 4 decided to meet on a Wednesday morning to tidy up the church garden and (later) to carry out simple maintenance tasks around the church. Since most of the work was done outside, inside was quiet, and the group seldom met when it was raining.
But recent weeks have seen a change.
Nowadays, if you were to wander in on a Wednesday, you would find it a hive of industry. Work in the garden continues (weather permitting!!) - there is always grass to cut, shrubs to prune, weeds to pull up, rubbish to remove .... - and the 'simple maintenance' carries on. But it doesn't stop there. In the church, you would find a small group dusting or vacuuming, while others are cleaning brass in the hall. And from September, we hope to be joined by flower arrangers (see Ann's 'Flowers at All Saints' above.) The only thing you wouldn't find is silence! Nobody works on their own - the work seems far less of a 'chore' when others are around!
The working party runs from 9.00 am to 12 noon - some can only spend an hour, others spend the morning. Some come along every week, others just come when they can. However short the time - every little helps!.
But it's not all work. There is also a social side. Around 10.30 am we all 'down tools' and retire to the hall for a cuppa (tea or coffee) and a biscuit, a sit down and a chat. There's no 'clock watching' - we simply return to our work 'as and when'!
If you find yourself free on a Wednesday morning - why not come along. Many hands make light work - so the more, the merrier! Everyone is made very welcome, and I'm sure you'd find something you could to do.

P. S. When we have a Working Party, and after Jumble Sales, we often have bags of rubbish which need taking to the dump. Rather than leave it to one person every time, we could do with a rota of people we can call on. If you have a car, and would be willing to take rubbish to Garth Road from time to time - especially if you could take it during the week - please have a word with Chris.

March Finances

Income: - £2773.50

Expenditure: - £2948.23

Church Hall Fund: - £165.50

Lent is a quieter time in our year but we did have a jumble sale which again raised a very good total. My thanks to everyone who help at these events as they are very labour intensive but raise money for our church.

We look forward now to Easter and I am very grateful for the donations for flowers and lilies to make our church look 'dressed ' for Easter. Now, I just hope we get plenty of helpers for this job on Easter Saturday.

Thank you to the Over 50's Club who gave a donation towards the cost of the plants. Most of the excess plants were sold after Mass, and the remainder were bought by members of the Over 50's Cub, which defrayed some of the expense and the plants all went to good homes.

By the time you read this it will be Easter Day, but I am sure we will all have benefited from the camaraderie of Easter Saturday, when we arrange the flowers and spring clean the church, and the services of Easter week.

A Happy Easter to you all, and my thanks to all for your constant support.

Ann Wasielewska - Treasurer.

Our Church Hall

Those of you have been in the church for several years may remember that, shortly after Fr. Michael arrived we had a problem with the hall floor. Following 'in depth' investigations by our architect, we were told that our present hall, built in the 1950's would only last for another 10 years. That was 14 - 15 years ago, so it has done well - but the time has now come to give serious thought to replacing it, as without a church hall many of our present activities would suffer.

I'm sure those who have been in the hall and had a good look round will have noticed the deterioration. The hall is still safe - but for how much longer? But building a new hall costs money - which is where you come in.

We already have £2,200 in the fund, and as far as possible money from the hall bookings will be kept towards this, but these days, before we can apply for any grants, we must have raised up to half of the money ourselves and this figure written on the application form. (It's one of the questions they ask.) So we are looking for ideas to raise money towards the building of a new church hall.

Those who have attended the church may remember some of the ideas that have been successfully tried in the past - a mile of l0p's; coffee mornings in peoples homes; 'time and talents' to name but a few. But would any of those bring a response these days? We need ideas that will receive support from the present congregation as well as the wider parish - or perhaps there is something you would be willing to organise or do. Please give this some thought, and if you have any ideas (or thoughts on the matter) have a word with Fr. Christopher or one of the Churchwardens.

Dates for your Diaries

Annual Parochial Church Meeting - Sunday 15th April 12.45.p.m.

The meeting to elect Churchwardens, followed by our APCM, will be held after Mass on SUNDAY 15th APRIL. Church Members will be elected to serve on the PCC (there are 3 spaces this year) and to be Sidesmen for the coming year.

Reports on the work of the PCC, the Church Fabric, our church school and Deanery Synod, are presented, together with a financial report and our annual accounts.  This is an important meeting - so we trust you will put the date in your diary, and we hope to see you there.

We hope most of the present Sidesmen will agree to stand again, but we are also hoping for new names to add to the list at the APCM. Sidesmen are important to the church as they are often the first face seen when a newcomer crosses the threshold - and first impressions are so important. Each Sunday, we need at least three Sidesmen to be on duty, but if we have enough people, each person is only on duty once a month, so it doesn't mean your being at church early every Sunday. Please give the matter some thought - and if you are willing to stand for election as a Sidesperson, have a word with Jenny so your name can be added to the list before the APCM, as Sidesmen are usually elected 'en bloc'. (The only qualifications are that you are over 16, and that your name is entered on our Church Electoral Roll.)

If you would like an opportunity to read the reports before the meeting, you can pick up an APCM pack at the back of the church from Sunday 8th April

Jumble Sale- Saturday 28th April

Our next Jumble Sale will be on Saturday 28th April at 12 noon. (Early Birds from 11.30.a.m. - £1.00 entry)

Lots of bargains to be had so don't miss out!!

Parish Walk - Saturday 21st April

We will, as far as possible, be following the River Wandle from its beginning at Waddon Ponds to Morden Hall Park.

We will pass through Beddington  Park, past Culver's Island, through  Watercress Park and Poulter Park; we will walk through the Watermeads if the bridge has been repaired, then through Ravensbury Park and finish at Morden Hall.

We will meet at 10.00 am by the entrance to Centre  Court shopping centre and travel by tram to Wandle Park (not the one in Collier's Wood). We will return by tube or bus from Morden.

The walk is 5 miles, and should take about 3 hours. The route is flat, there are places to buy refreshments and it is well served by public transport if you do not wish to walk the whole distance. If you have any questions, please speak to Roger.

The Parish Walks are open to all - not just members of All Saints. ( Walk ers can just turn up on the day - but if you hope to be walking, it would be an idea to let Roger know beforehand, especially if you will be travelling to the meeting point by public transport)

Walsingham Table-Top Sale

S. Saviours' Church Hall, Grand Drive SW20 9DL

Saturday 14th April 2018 - 10.00.a.m. - 1.00.p.m.

Tables £6.00 - phone 020 8540 2493

Summer Fair - Saturday 2nd June

Our Summer Fair will only be 2 months away when you read this - and we are looking for your ideas to help make it a resounding success.

The Social Committee will be meeting on 10th April to get the ball rolling - so if you have any thoughts about stalls / things we could do / a possible theme, etc .. please let Elizabeth know as soon as possible. (Preferably give them to her in writing - that way they will not get overlooked. )

After the meeting, lists will be put up asking for helpers. Please read them and sign up. And finally, nearer the time, there will be the usual boxes at the back of the church for your donations.

Prayer List

The Weekly Prayer List has become quite long. We don't want to  remove anyone who is still in need of our prayers (either in special  need or long term) but it may be that you asked for a name to go on the list, and have forgotten to let us know that they can now be taken  off, or moved down from Special Need to Long Term.  At present, we don't keep a record of who asks for a name to be  added, so please have a look at the list over the next 4 weeks, and if  you have up-to-date information about anyone on the list, please let  Jenny know.

Social Evenings

In order to raise funds towards new chairs for the church, Jane and Rita are organising a monthly Social Evening for church members and their families and close friends. There is Pool, Table Tennis and Table Games (if you have any games you would like to play with friends - feel free to bring them) or you can just sit and chat over a drink. Come for just part of the evening if you prefer.

The charge is £2 a head (school children £1) which includes a cup of tea, coffee or squash, and a biscuit. Other items are on sale.  You may bring a bottle - but you must take it away with you afterwards.

Light Lunches in the Hall on Mondays

Following the success of the Lent Lunches, the Monday Pensioners asked whether they could continue - but to raise funds for a specific Church project. So all profits will go towards getting new chairs for the church. Open to all - you don't have to be a member of the club to come along.

Mondays in All Saints' Church Hall - come for 12.30 / 12.45 pm

A mug of Soup, A Roll with Cheese and Pickle, and A piece of Fruit - all for £1 - 50.

Church Open on Friday Mornings

All Saints' Church is open on Friday mornings from 9.00 am - 12 noon.

Tables are set out at the back of the church and Tea and Coffee is available for those who want somewhere warm and dry to sit and chat. This is also an opportunity for people to come in and sit quietly or to light a candle - and there is a prayer board by Mary for any who would like someone with a special need remembered in our prayers.

A board outside Church lets people know the church is open - but we also rely on word of mouth, so please help us 'spread the word'. And if you are free one Friday - why not come along.

   Walsingham News

Fr. Christopher hopes to celebrate Mass followed by a Cell meeting on one Saturday every other month, starting at 12 noon

You do not have to be a member of The Society of Our Lady of  Walsingham, (which makes you a member of the Cell) to come to the  meetings, so it is hoped many members of the congregation -  especially those who regularly come on Pilgrimage to Walsingham -  will feel able to give it their support.

If anyone is interested in joining The Society of Our Lady of  Walsingham, just let me know and I can give you a copy of the leaflet  which tells you about it, and includes the application form.  There is also some information about Walsingham on the round tables  at the back of the church.

Jenny Hardy (Cell Secretary.)


The 2018 Weekend Pilgrimage to Walsingham, which (all being well) will be led by Fr. Christopher, will take place from Friday 27th - Monday 30th July 2018.

At least 15 of those who went this year have said they would like to go again next year. If YOU would be interested in coming on the Pilgrimage, please let me know as soon as possible.

The names of those wanting to come will be put on the list on payment of an initial £10 deposit per person. It will be 'first come, first served', because once all the places have been taken, I will be unable to secure any more.

At this stage I don't know exactly how much the weekend will cost as Walsingham will send me their charges in December, and I will be 'shopping around' for coach prices rather than relying on the firm we have used for the past few years.

The cost will cover transport there and back and all meals from Friday supper to Monday breakfast - 8 meals in all.

July may seem a long way off, - but if you pay the £10 deposit to reserve a place, and put by just £5 a week between now and then, you should have saved enough to cover the cost when the time comes.

Jenny Hardy (Pilgrimage Organiser)

News From All Saints' School

The children hadn't broken up for their for Easter holiday on Palm Sunday this year, so on Friday 23rd March they came into church for a short service, led by Fr. Christopher. Before they left, he blessed some palm crosses and each child and adult was given one as they went out of church.

Congratulations to Filip Drabek in Year 5, who last week, came third in the Year 5 Boys Backstroke event at the Merton Primary Schools Swimming Gala.

In 'March News', we reported on World Book Day, adding that it kick-started a two week, whole school topic of poetry. In addition to learning a Michael Rosen poem, the children were encouraged to write their own poetry, with a prize awarded to the best poem in each Key Stage.

Congratulations go to Aisha Frater and Sofia Jeyakaran for winning our school poetry competition. Each winner receives a signed copy of 'Poetry Classics' by Michael Rosen.

My Cousin Kayden

Kayden and I play all day 
I love it when he comes to stay 
We go to the park 
We play, we laugh 
He even tries to talk to me when I'm in the bath. 
I taught him how to wheelie in the park while everyone stared, 
I also taught him how to heely but he's too scared! 
We speak every day on facetime calls 
He's my favourite cousin of all! 

By Aisha Frater. (Year 4)


I promise that this is true you know

That I'm not lying
But in the library down the road all the books are flying.
Round the room they fly looking for a place to land
I think for the book of the Fairy land.

By Sofia Jeyakaran (Year 1)

For Mothering Sunday, 11th March, all the children contributed to class displays about their Mothers, which were put up in church for the occasion. It was much admired by all who looked at it - including the parents who came in to see it during the Open Church Coffee Morning on Friday 16th. The work was then returned to the school so the children could take it home.

On Wednesday 28th March the Parents Association have organised an Easter Disco after school, to raise money for School Funds. It will be done by a professional DJ, and will be run in two sessions - after school to 5.00 pm for Key Stage One children, and 5.15 - 6.30 pm for Key Stage Two.

The School closes for the Easter break on Thursday 29th March at 2 pm, so that morning the whole school, plus those parents who wish to attend, will be coming into church for the traditional end of term service - which will include the presentation of certificates.

The school re-opens on Tuesday 17th April.

We wish all children and staff a happy and safe holiday.

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