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Church Flowers

We aim to have at least one flower arrangement in church each week, but we don't take money for flowers from general church funds.

If anyone would like to donate an arrangement in memory of a loved one, or for any other reason, please write your name in the 'flowers donated by' box for that week on the Flower Rota (on the board by the door), and give the money to Ann or Jenny. Money towards the cost of flowers can also be placed in the 'flowers' slot in the wall safe. (As a guide, we usually need to spend about £15 on flowers for the High Altar, and £10 on those at Mary or Joseph, which are smaller - although if you want specific flowers they could cost more.)

Flowers are now arranged on a Wednesday when the working party meets so that there will be more people about and no problem with keys for access. (Please note that there are no flowers in church during Advent or Lent.

Church Working Party

The Wednesday Working Party has been going for many years - ever since a small group of 3 or 4 decided to meet on a Wednesday morning to tidy up the church garden and (later) to carry out simple maintenance tasks around the church. Since most of the work was done outside, inside was quiet, and the group seldom met when it was raining.
But recent weeks have seen a change.
Nowadays, if you were to wander in on a Wednesday, you would find it a hive of industry. Work in the garden continues (weather permitting!!) - there is always grass to cut, shrubs to prune, weeds to pull up, rubbish to remove .... - and the 'simple maintenance' carries on. But it doesn't stop there. In the church, you would find a small group dusting or vacuuming, while others are cleaning brass in the hall. And from September, we hope to be joined by flower arrangers (see Ann's 'Flowers at All Saints' above.) The only thing you wouldn't find is silence! Nobody works on their own - the work seems far less of a 'chore' when others are around!
The working party runs from 9.00 am to 12 noon - some can only spend an hour, others spend the morning. Some come along every week, others just come when they can. However short the time - every little helps!.
But it's not all work. There is also a social side. Around 10.30 am we all 'down tools' and retire to the hall for a cuppa (tea or coffee) and a biscuit, a sit down and a chat. There's no 'clock watching' - we simply return to our work 'as and when'!
If you find yourself free on a Wednesday morning - why not come along. Many hands make light work - so the more, the merrier! Everyone is made very welcome, and I'm sure you'd find something you could to do.

P. S. When we have a Working Party, and after Jumble Sales, we often have bags of rubbish which need taking to the dump. Rather than leave it to one person every time, we could do with a rota of people we can call on. If you have a car, and would be willing to take rubbish to Garth Road from time to time - especially if you could take it during the week - please have a word with Chris.

July Finances

Income: - £2232.08

Expenditure: - £2910.02

Church Hall Fund: - £550.70

July has been a busy month with a number of social events - the family social evening, the KFC quiz night and the cream teas afternoon - all of which raised additional much needed funds for our church. My thanks to everyone who helped organise and run these events. Your time and support is very much appreciated.

As you know, our quota payment to the diocese was reduced last year because we argued our case for putting our hall lettings income and income from some other fund-raising events away into a fund for the re-building of the Church Hall. Steadily, over the year, we have managed to set aside money rather than using it to cover monthly expenses. In addition to the income from this month's hall lettings, we are setting aside the income raised from the family social, the quiz and the Monday club lunches for this purpose.

The first instalment on the renewal of this year's insurance is due to be paid as I write this report. According to the schedule of payments attached to the renewal notice, the instalments for the next year have increased by approximately £11 per month.

The next fund-raising event will be the sponsored walk arranged for Monday, 27th August. The walk this year is to raise funds for the rebuilding of the Church Hall. Sponsor forms are available on the table at the back of the church. Please support this event in any way you can - either by walking or by sponsoring someone else !!

I hope you all enjoy a quiet, restful August and look forward to reporting to you next month.

Allison Scandrett - Treasurer.

Our Church Hall

Those of you have been in the church for several years may remember that, shortly after Fr. Michael arrived we had a problem with the hall floor. Following 'in depth' investigations by our architect, we were told that our present hall, built in the 1950's would only last for another 10 years. That was 14 - 15 years ago, so it has done well - but the time has now come to give serious thought to replacing it, as without a church hall many of our present activities would suffer.

I'm sure those who have been in the hall and had a good look round will have noticed the deterioration. The hall is still safe - but for how much longer? But building a new hall costs money - which is where you come in.

We already have £2,200 in the fund, and as far as possible money from the hall bookings will be kept towards this, but these days, before we can apply for any grants, we must have raised up to half of the money ourselves and this figure written on the application form. (It's one of the questions they ask.) So we are looking for ideas to raise money towards the building of a new church hall.

Those who have attended the church may remember some of the ideas that have been successfully tried in the past - a mile of l0p's; coffee mornings in peoples homes; 'time and talents' to name but a few. But would any of those bring a response these days? We need ideas that will receive support from the present congregation as well as the wider parish - or perhaps there is something you would be willing to organise or do. Please give this some thought, and if you have any ideas (or thoughts on the matter) have a word with Fr. Christopher or one of the Churchwardens.

Dates for your Diaries

Teddy Bear Church

On the Second Sunday of each month at 10.00 am there will be a short, 30 minute service for the Under 6's. The service will be a mix of stories, prayers, songs and dance. The service themes will not necessarily be the same as the Mass of the Day, but will explore aspects of a Christian life - love, witness, forgiveness, Bible Stories, etc. ....

Everybody is welcome to join us - you do not have to be under 6, and you do not have to bring a Teddy Bear - you just need to be full of joy, and young at heart.

The next service will be on Sunday 12th August

(If you know any families with young children please tell them about the service and encourage them to come.)


For the past few years, we have had a sponsored walk to raise funds for a special project rather than for general church funds. 

This years walk, will be taking place on Monday 27th August. We will be walking to raise money towards the cost of building a new church hall.

We walk at a leisurely pace, and the route should be suitable for all, with dropping off points for those unable to last the distance.

Past walkers have said that it is always 'an enjoyable social occasion' - even in 2015, when we walked for at least some of the time in the rain!

So make a note of the date in your diary, then come along, and bring your friends (the more the merrier!!)

Sponsor forms will be available on the table at the back of church from Sunday 8th July. We are inviting people to sponsor the group, rather than an individual walker, so even if you are unable to walk, pleas take a form to collect sponsors for those who can.

A new church hall is much needed, and will be of benefit to all - but a ballpark figure for dismantling the present one and building the new is about £200,000. These days, all grant forms expect us to show that we have raised about 50% of the total cost of the project ourselves before we can apply for a grant, which means financing a new hall will involve a lot of specific fund raising.

So - Please support the Sponsored Walk - every penny will count!

And the walk itself? - This year, we will be doing the walk planned for last year that had to be postponed due to the rail travel disruption throughout August caused by the development work at Waterloo. We will meet by the bridge outside Sainsbury's, (Merton High Street) at 10 am, from where we will catch a 57 to Kingston where we will begin our walk. (Anyone wishing to make their own way to Kingston can meet us at Fairfield Bus station at about 10.45 am - but please remember to let us know you are coming, so we don't leave there without you.)

From the Bus Station, we will make our way to Kingston Bridge, and follow the Barge Walk alongside the River Thames to Hampton Court. After stopping for refreshments, we will make our way back to Kingston through Bushy Park.

The distance is about 5.5 miles, and the whole route is flat - but Hampton Court is served by public transport for any who don't wish to walk the whole way.

All Saints' Day 2018

Thursday 1st November 2018  is, of course, All Saints' Day - our Patronal Festival.

We will celebrate it with Solemn Mass at which the preacher will be: The Very Revd. Dr. John Hall - Dean of Westminster

The service will be followed by refreshments in the church hall.

Father John was licensed as Priest-in-Charge of All Saints' on All Saints' Day 1978 so this year marks the 40th anniversary of that occasion. Before coming to All Saints' he had been a Curate at S. John the Divine, Kennington - so All Saints was his first parish. He moved on from All Saints' in 1982, a year after the opening of the (then new) All Saints' School in East Road by Princess Margaret.

He has kindly agreed to come and preach at our Patronal Festival this year - so we are hoping to fill the church.

Please make a note of the date in your diary and keep it free - and help us by 'spreading the word', especially to friends and neighbours who would have known him. It may seem we are advertising this a long time ahead - but we wanted to give you plenty of notice, as weknow how many peoples diaries get filled up these days.

GDPR and our Prayer List

GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulations) came into force on 25th May 2018. These new regulations mean that we can only include the name of a person on our Prayer List in the weekly sheet and on the website, if we have written consent from the person himself or herself.

Their consent can be hand-written, printed or sent bye-mail, but it cannot be given by someone else on their behalf (although I understand that the written consent can be passed on by a third party.)

Publicly praying for those whose names have been added to the Prayer Board in Church can continue.

So for the time being NO names of those in hospital, in special need, or in long standing illness / need will be listed in our Prayer List until we have their written consent for it to be included.

So if you have given us a name for our prayer list and they still need our prayers, please obtain their written consent and hand it, in an envelope, to Fr. Christopher or to Jenny.

Social Evenings

When it began, the Family Social, was very successful, but recently numbers have dwindled. We discovered that this was because, at the end of a busy week, the Family Social ended too late for most of our children. So following discussions at the Social Committee, the time has been changed. The Family Social will now take place from 5.30 - 7.30 pm on the First Friday of the month, during the summer months.

We realise this may be too early for some of the adults who came to play table tennis or pool/snooker - but if there is a demand, there is no reason why the tables can't be left out for adults who come at a later time. So just let us know!

Light Lunches in the Hall on Mondays

Following the success of the Lent Lunches, the Monday Pensioners asked whether they could continue - but to raise funds for a specific Church project. So all profits will go towards getting new chairs for the church. Open to all - you don't have to be a member of the club to come along.

Mondays in All Saints' Church Hall - come for 12.30 / 12.45 pm

A mug of Soup, A Roll with Cheese and Pickle, and A piece of Fruit - all for £1 - 50.

Church Open on Friday Mornings

All Saints' Church is open on Friday mornings from 9.00 am - 12 noon.

Tables are set out at the back of the church and Tea and Coffee is available for those who want somewhere warm and dry to sit and chat. This is also an opportunity for people to come in and sit quietly or to light a candle - and there is a prayer board by Mary for any who would like someone with a special need remembered in our prayers.

A board outside Church lets people know the church is open - but we also rely on word of mouth, so please help us 'spread the word'. And if you are free one Friday - why not come along.

A thank you letter received following the Friday Open Church, and a Monday 'Luncheon Party' held in July - part of the NHS 70th Birthday celebrations - in aid of the St. George's Hospital Charity.

To all at All Saints' Church,

Thank you so much for raising £106 - 00 for St George's Hospital Charity from your Tea Party. We hope you had a wonderful time. Your donation will be put towards our Better Everywhere Appeal where it will make a real difference to the lives of thousands of patients and their families, as well as benefit the amazing team at St George's and Queen Mary's Hospitals.

Supporting the Better Everywhere Appeal means the most urgent needs of the hospitals are addressed quickly, helping any area to secure items that are 'over and above' what is normally provided. That could be new medical equipment, facilities, research, support group funding for those living with chronic conditions, arts and musical therapies, and so much more.

Everything we do at St George's and Queen Mary's Hospitals is made possible because of supporters like you who care so much and want to make them better places for the whole community. We can't thank you enough.

Yours sincerely

Rachel Williamson

Community and Events Fundraiser.

   Walsingham News

Fr. Christopher hopes to celebrate Mass followed by a Cell meeting on one Saturday every other month, starting at 12 noon

You do not have to be a member of The Society of Our Lady of  Walsingham, (which makes you a member of the Cell) to come to the  meetings, so it is hoped many members of the congregation -  especially those who regularly come on Pilgrimage to Walsingham -  will feel able to give it their support.

If anyone is interested in joining The Society of Our Lady of  Walsingham, just let me know and I can give you a copy of the leaflet  which tells you about it, and includes the application form.  There is also some information about Walsingham on the round tables  at the back of the church.

Jenny Hardy (Cell Secretary.)


"House of God, Gate of Heaven" - that is the motto of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, and it is a very simple description of what the Shrine exists for. Walsingham is a place where we can meet God in a particular way. A place where the gates of heaven are opened for all pilgrims as they join in the worship of angels and archangels. A place where they can encounter the beauty of holiness.

But Walsingham is also a place of challenge. At the heart of the Shrine Church is the Holy House, containing the image of Our Lady of Walsingham - the Mother of the Lord holding out her son to us. Mary is the disciple who calls us to say "Yes" to God and who constantly points us to her Son, and so a pilgrimage to Walsingham calls us to think about God's activity in our lives and how we can be more faithful to him.

Some people think of pilgrimages as having 'meagre rations', but that is not the case at Walsingham. When we go on our Weekend Pilgrimages, we have full board - bed and breakfast, lunch and an evening meal - so we never go hungry! The Shrine seeks to provide good quality food on a tight budget, so that they can keep their charges as low as possible. Some of the ingredients (meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables) are locally sourced. There are usually two alternatives at each meal, and for those who don't want a hot meal, there is the option of a choice from the salad bar. The main course is followed by a pudding, or a piece of fruit - and tea or coffee to round off each meal. Those with special dietary needs are also catered for as far as possible - provided you have noted them on your booking form, you will be given a voucher to present at the Refectory.

All the accommodation is warm and comfortable, with a selection of single, twin, double and family rooms. The several accommodation buildings nestle within the shelter of the Shrine Church. Each has a comfortable lounge with tea / coffee making facilities (many will also have this in their room), and most have a TV. All rooms are provided with towels, and most rooms will at least have a washbasin. There are a limited number of ground floor, en - suite, and rooms suitable for disabled pilgrims and priority is always given to those with medical or special needs. Group bookings are made on a booking form, listing the name of each pilgrim, and their needs and rooms are then allocated according to the needs of the pilgrim group.

The welcome pack in each room, includes the following paragraph: "All who work at the Shrine hope that you will be blessed and renewed by your stay with us, and that you'll find rest for the body, mind and spirit! Here where we honour Mary's home we hope that you will feel at home - in the worship of the Shrine Church, in the beauty and peace of the gardens, or in relaxing in the company of your fellow pilgrims. May your time in England's Nazareth be richly blessed, and may Our Lady of Walsingham pray for you'

I think these few words sum up why we go on Pilgrimage - and why we go back year after year. If you have never been, who not think about coming with us in 2019. You certainly wont regret it!

News From All Saints' School

The end of another school year!

On Thursday 19th July the whole school, plus a number of parents, came to church for their annual Leaver's Service. The hymns sung - This Little Light of Mine; Hallelujah, Jesus Christ is Alive; and One More Step - were chosen by the leavers, and Year 6 children also read the prayers.

The first part of the service celebrated achievements throughout the year. Christian Value Certificates were presented to one child from each class (Nursery to Year 6) for Reverence, and Resilience - and also Star of the Term Certificates - for a child the teacher thought had done exceptionally well in something. (eg always showing effort). After this, thoughts turned to those who would be leaving at the end of term - not only children from year 6, but about ten children from Nursery to year 5, and a number of staff. Every leaver received a certificate, and all children in Year 6 were also presented with a Bible.

Before the final hymn was sung, Fr. Christopher led us in prayer, and gave the Blessing.

The children broke up for the holidays at 2.00 pm, although the staff did not finish until the Friday as their term ended with an Inset Day.

Years 1 - 6 will start back for the new school year on Tuesday 4th September, but there is staggered entry for the children in Nursery and Reception, so each family in those classes has been given their starting date and times.

We trust everyone at All Saints' School will have a happy and safe holiday, and we wish all who are leaving 'Good Luck for the future'.


We've had such a good time at All Saints'! Some people may say that school is boring, but not me - and I've been here since nursery!I will always remember when me and my friends did a rap about leaving for our Year 6 assembly, everyone loved it! I loved going to Kingswood (I'm sure everyone would say that!) The five day trip was so much fun with so many activities. I am now looking forward to my time in high school with my friends, it is going to be such a good future!     Kanay Bhatia.

Throughout all of my years at All Saints' I have created some great memories like when we went to Kingswood and had so much fun or when everyone was really nervous to walk along the tree tops at Kew Gardens. I had a fantastic time learning the piano this year and getting to play a piece in our leavers assembly. Thank you All Saints for preparing me for my future at high school.        Josie Hallett.

As my time here at All Saints' comes to an end I am grateful to have lots of great memories to cherish. All of trips here have been great fun but the one I remember the most was going to Kingswood in Year 5 where we did a variety of fun activities. I hope to have great success in the future, thank you All Saints'.    Bryanna Hassan.

Throughout the year, the Friends of All Saints (FOAS) have organised various events to raise money for the school. It has just been announced that the Summer Fair raised a fantastic £4,382. This means the total raised by FOAS this school year was £7,800. The money raised is going towards new playground equipment for both sites - so we should be able to see the results of their labours in each playground when the children start back in September.

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