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Church Flowers

We aim to have at least one flower arrangement in church each week, but we don't take money for flowers from general church funds.

If anyone would like to donate an arrangement in memory of a loved one, or for any other reason, please write your name in the 'flowers donated by' box for that week on the Flower Rota (on the board by the door), and give the money to Ann or Jenny. Money towards the cost of flowers can also be placed in the 'flowers' slot in the wall safe. (As a guide, we usually need to spend about £15 on flowers for the High Altar, and £10 on those at Mary or Joseph, which are smaller - although if you want specific flowers they could cost more.)

Flowers are now arranged on a Wednesday when the working party meets so that there will be more people about and no problem with keys for access. (Please note that there are no flowers in church during Advent or Lent)

Church Working Party

The Wednesday Working Party has been going for many years - ever since a small group of 3 or 4 decided to meet on a Wednesday morning to tidy up the church garden and (later) to carry out simple maintenance tasks around the church. Since most of the work was done outside, inside was quiet, and the group seldom met when it was raining.
But recent weeks have seen a change.
Nowadays, if you were to wander in on a Wednesday, you would find it a hive of industry. Work in the garden continues (weather permitting!!) - there is always grass to cut, shrubs to prune, weeds to pull up, rubbish to remove .... - and the 'simple maintenance' carries on. But it doesn't stop there. In the church, you would find a small group dusting or vacuuming, while others are cleaning brass in the hall. And from September, we hope to be joined by flower arrangers (see Ann's 'Flowers at All Saints' above.) The only thing you wouldn't find is silence! Nobody works on their own - the work seems far less of a 'chore' when others are around!
The working party runs from 9.00 am to 12 noon - some can only spend an hour, others spend the morning. Some come along every week, others just come when they can. However short the time - every little helps!.
But it's not all work. There is also a social side. Around 10.30 am we all 'down tools' and retire to the hall for a cuppa (tea or coffee) and a biscuit, a sit down and a chat. There's no 'clock watching' - we simply return to our work 'as and when'!
If you find yourself free on a Wednesday morning - why not come along. Many hands make light work - so the more, the merrier! Everyone is made very welcome, and I'm sure you'd find something you could to do.

P. S. When we have a Working Party, and after Jumble Sales, we often have bags of rubbish which need taking to the dump. Rather than leave it to one person every time, we could do with a rota of people we can call on. If you have a car, and would be willing to take rubbish to Garth Road from time to time - especially if you could take it during the week - please have a word with Chris.

May Finances

Income: - £2947.98

Expenditure: - £4788.68

Although the quota is included in the figures I have not been able to actually pay the quota for the last 2 months. I endeavour to pay all other bills, but if I had paid the quota we would have been in debt for several thousand pounds and having to pay overdraft charges. I do not know the answer to our problem. I appreciate that everyone gives generously and works hard to keep our church up and running but almost £2,000 - 00 is a lot to raise every month on top of the other expenses. (If you have any suggestions - please let me know!)

The income for the Church Chairs is money raised by the Monday Lunches, and the Family Social Evenings - which take place fortnightly on Friday evenings during the summer month - plus a designated donation.

By the time you are reading this we will have had our Summer Fair. Everyone works so hard that we must hope for a successful day. Whatever happens, it is good to have events where everyone is working together for our church.

It is good to see the handrails in use - we have waited a long time for them and I am sure they are much appreciated. We haven't yet received a bill for the work - but we have the money as it was transferred to our Reserve Account when we received it.

My thanks to all for your constant support in keeping us solvent.

Ann Wasielewska - Treasurer

MUSIC EVENING WITH SUPPER. - Saturday 17th June  6.00 - 9.00 pm

in the Church Hall, Norman Road, SW19 1ST.

Tickets: Adults £5 - 00.  Children £2 - 50.

Soft drinks on sale: BYO alcohol. The musical entertainment will be provided by our organist, choir and their (musical) friends. Come along, and bring your family and friends. It promises to be a good evening!

Tickets are now available from Jane and Rita.  All profits will go towards replacing some of the church chairs.

Thursday 15th June - Corpus Christi

8.00 pm - Solemn Mass with Benediction.

Celebrant & Preacher: Bp. Peter Wheatley (formerly Bishop of Edmonton.)

Followed by refreshments in the Church Hall.

You are invited to contribute to the refreshments. There will be a list at the back of the church for you to indicate what you will be able to bring.

As Bishop of Edmonton, The Rt. Revd. Peter Wheatley looked after the Bishop of Fulham's Parishes in the 'interregnum' before Bishop Jonathan was appointed, and came to All Saints' on All Saints' Day 2011, when he confirmed 2 candidates - Paul from All Saints' and Shola from St. Saviour's.

Now retired and living on the South Coast, he is one of the Bishops of the Society.

Please 'spread the word' about our Corpus Christi service (including the floral carpet!) - it would be good to have a sizeable congregation to welcome the Bishop.

K.F.C. Family Quiz

Saturday 15th July in All Saints' Church Hall - 6.00.p.m. - 9.00.p.m.

Get together a team of 6-8.  Come along and join in the fun.  Further information from Patrick


For the past few years, we have had a sponsored walk to raise funds for a special project rather than for general church funds. This years walk, which will be led by Roger, will be taking place on Monday 28th August (which is the Bank Holiday). It will be raising money towards replacing some of the chairs in the church.

Details of the walk have not yet been finalised as Roger wants to walk the proposed route before making them public (hopefully this will be done this before the July magazine comes out!). The walk is likely to be in the Wimbledon area and it promises to be another enjoyable day. We walk at a leisurely pace, and the route should be suitable for all, with 'dropping off points for those unable to last the distance. Past walkers have said that it is always 'an enjoyable social occasion' - even in 2015, when we walked for at least some of the time in the rain!

So make a note of the date in your diary, then come along, and bring your friends (the more the merrier!!)

New Church Seating

In this month's magazine you will have mention of several events to raise money towards this project - including income which has been transferred to the Reserve account as it has been raised for this purpose - so you may be wondering why we are raising money for this
when our expenditure exceeds our income each month, so we have not been able to pay our quota.

It is not intended to replace all the chairs - some are still in good condition - but we need to address the problem of seating our expanding Church School, who come in for services two or three times a term. We want them to feel welcome. (Mission Action!) The proposed idea is to replace one section of seating with wooden benches (with backs) that will be in keeping with the rest of the church and won't spoil the beauty of our building. Hopefully we will all think this beneficial.

The Church Garden

On two Sundays during May we ended the service with a procession out to the garden to sing the Regina Coeli in front of the Mary statue, so it may not have escaped your notice that there have been one or two changes in the garden this year.

The seats, which were removed last year because they had become rotten, leaving people with nowhere to sit, have been replaced by two hardwood benches. At the end of 'the path to nowhere' (as some people call it), a splendid statue of St. Francis now resides.

The latest addition is a small fern garden - four ferns, which have been bought from donations to the church in memory of Nola Armstrong  The money was to be used for flowers in church or in the garden - but as flowers with pollen brought on her hay fever, it was decided a plant without flowers would be more suitable. (We wanted to get something lasting in her memory rather than spending it on flower arrangements which only last for a week or two.)

The makeshift plastic fencing alongside the level access path into church has been replaced by a wooden one - a vast improvement.

The garden is there to be used - somewhere to sit and talk to friends; or a quiet place where you can go if you want to be on your own to think or to pray.

We hope the garden will be treated with respect - it is not a playground, but many children like having a quiet area - so they can be encouraged to use the garden, but in the right way.

During the summer months, it is hoped that the Rosary Group will meet in the garden on the first Sunday (weather permitting!)

Social Evenings

In order to raise funds towards new chairs for the church, Jane and Rita are organising a monthly Social Evening for church members and their families and close friends. There is Pool, Table Tennis and Table Games (if you have any games you would like to play with friends - feel
free to bring them) or you can just sit and chat over a drink. Come for just part of the evening if you prefer.

The charge is £2 a head (school children £1) which includes a cup of tea, coffee or squash, and a biscuit. Other items are on sale.  You may bring a bottle - but you must take it away with you afterwards.

They will take place in the church hall, fortnightly in the summer, from 7.00 - 9.30 pm.

Light Lunches in the Hall on Mondays


Following the success of the Lent Lunches, the Monday Pensioners asked whether they could continue - but to raise funds for a specific Church project. So all profits will go towards getting new chairs for the church. Open to all - you don't have to be a member of the club to come along.

Mondays in All Saints' Church Hall - come for 12.30 / 12.45 pm

A mug of Soup, A Roll with Cheese and Pickle, and A piece of Fruit - all for £1 - 50.

Church Open on Friday Mornings

All Saints' Church is open on Friday mornings from 9.00 am - 12 noon.

On the 3rd Friday in the month - the morning will include a 'Nearly-New' Sale.

Tables are set out at the back of the church and Tea and Coffee is available for those who want somewhere warm and dry to sit and chat. This is also an opportunity for people to come in and sit quietly or to light a candle - and there is a prayer board by Mary for any who would like someone with a special need remembered in our prayers.

A board outside Church lets people know the church is open - but we also rely on word of mouth, so please help us 'spread the word'. And if you are free one Friday - why not come along.

   Walsingham News

Now that Fr. Christopher has been licensed as our Parish Priest, it is hoped that we will resume the meetings of our Walsingham Cell at All  Saints' on a regular basis.

As Fr. Christopher is a Priest Associate of Walsingham, he will be taking over from Fr. Michael as our Cell Superior.  Fr. Christopher hopes to celebrate Mass followed by a Cell meeting on  one Saturday every other month, starting at 12 noon.  The first of these will be on The Annunciation of The Lord, which is on  Saturday 25th March.

You do not have to be a member of The Society of Our Lady of  Walsingham, (which makes you a member of the Cell) to come to the  meetings, so it is hoped many members of the congregation -  especially those who regularly come on Pilgrimage to Walsingham -  will feel able to give it their support.

If anyone is interested in joining The Society of Our Lady of  Walsingham, just let me know and I can give you a copy of the leaflet  which tells you about it, and includes the application form.  There is also some information about Walsingham on the round tables  at the back of the church.

Jenny Hardy (Cell Secretary.)


News From All Saints' School

The whole school thought about the 125th anniversary of All Saints' Church, and each class produced a piece of art work to go up in church - which was contributed to by every child in the class. It has been up for several weeks, so I hope everyone has taken the opportunity to have a good look at the amazing display.

The children themselves came into church for a short service to mark this anniversary on Friday 1th May. Father Christopher took the service, which included three hymns sung by the children - When the Saints go marching in; Be Bold; and God's Spirit is in my heart - and two prayers written and read by children.

The school arranged for an animal man to come in on 11th May to enhance the Early Years children's learning, as their topic this term is 'Our Wonderful World.' It gave them the opportunity to closely observe different types of animals. Earlier in the term the children were able to follow the life cycle of a duck, watching them hatch and learning how to care for them. One Wednesday, they had some special arrivals in the form of 6 duck eggs from the Incredible Eggs company. A week later, the children were very excited to see the first Duckling hatch on Thursday and by Friday afternoon they had 5 very healthy ducklings (unfortunately the 6th egg did not hatch.) The children loved this valuable learning experience, and have been learning about the Life Cycles of ducks and other animals. They have also been looking at how other animals look after their babes and which groups they belong too. The Reception and Nursery children were also delighted with their visit from the animal man, who brought with him a lovely big fat tarantula, a Tegu lizard, a baby meerkat, an owl, a hedgehog, a snake and a chameleon. The children could hold or touch any of the animalsthey wanted to.

Before the end of term, each class will be doing a Class Assembly, to which the parents of the children in the class are invited. Several year groups will also be going on outings: one to the Museum of London, another to the Victoria and Albert Museum and a third to the Science Museum. The Year 6 leavers will be going to Southwark Cathedral at the beginning of July to attend one of the services for children who will be leaving a Southwark Church School at the end of the summer term.

All Saints' School Fair - Saturday 24th June.

Please support the School's Fair.  Doors open 11.00.a.m. Stalls, sideshows, Bouncy Castle and much more. Hope to see you there!

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