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Church Flowers

We aim to have at least one flower arrangement in church each week, but we don't take money for flowers from general church funds.

If anyone would like to donate an arrangement in memory of a loved one, or for any other reason, please write your name in the 'flowers donated by' box for that week on the Flower Rota (on the board by the door), and give the money to Ann or Jenny. Money towards the cost of flowers can also be placed in the 'flowers' slot in the wall safe. (As a guide, we usually need to spend about £15 on flowers for the High Altar, and £10 on those at Mary or Joseph, which are smaller - although if you want specific flowers they could cost more.)

Flowers are now arranged on a Wednesday when the working party meets so that there will be more people about and no problem with keys for access. (Please note that there are no flowers in church during Advent or Lent)

As usual, we hope to decorate the church for our Patronal Festival - but as flowers are never bought from Church Funds, we would be grateful for donations towards the cost. These should be  given to Ann.

As the flowers have to be bought in advance, we need to know how much we have to spend by Sunday 22nd October.  Also, if you are able to help by doing an arrangement, please let  Ann know. They will probably be done on Monday afternoon, (30th  October), or after the school service on Wednesday 1st November.

Church Working Party

The Wednesday Working Party has been going for many years - ever since a small group of 3 or 4 decided to meet on a Wednesday morning to tidy up the church garden and (later) to carry out simple maintenance tasks around the church. Since most of the work was done outside, inside was quiet, and the group seldom met when it was raining.
But recent weeks have seen a change.
Nowadays, if you were to wander in on a Wednesday, you would find it a hive of industry. Work in the garden continues (weather permitting!!) - there is always grass to cut, shrubs to prune, weeds to pull up, rubbish to remove .... - and the 'simple maintenance' carries on. But it doesn't stop there. In the church, you would find a small group dusting or vacuuming, while others are cleaning brass in the hall. And from September, we hope to be joined by flower arrangers (see Ann's 'Flowers at All Saints' above.) The only thing you wouldn't find is silence! Nobody works on their own - the work seems far less of a 'chore' when others are around!
The working party runs from 9.00 am to 12 noon - some can only spend an hour, others spend the morning. Some come along every week, others just come when they can. However short the time - every little helps!.
But it's not all work. There is also a social side. Around 10.30 am we all 'down tools' and retire to the hall for a cuppa (tea or coffee) and a biscuit, a sit down and a chat. There's no 'clock watching' - we simply return to our work 'as and when'!
If you find yourself free on a Wednesday morning - why not come along. Many hands make light work - so the more, the merrier! Everyone is made very welcome, and I'm sure you'd find something you could to do.

P. S. When we have a Working Party, and after Jumble Sales, we often have bags of rubbish which need taking to the dump. Rather than leave it to one person every time, we could do with a rota of people we can call on. If you have a car, and would be willing to take rubbish to Garth Road from time to time - especially if you could take it during the week - please have a word with Chris.

September Finances

Income: - £2109.48

Expenditure: - £3027.52

You will see that the Sponsored Walk at the end of August was very successful this year - but this may not be the final total as it usually takes several weeks for everyone to hand in their sponsorship money, so there may be more to come.

We had a very enjoyable Harvest Weekend, beginning with a Mass to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Fr. Christopher's ordination as a priest, followed by drinks and nibbles which was most enjoyable.

Harvest Festival is always a joyous occasion and the service was followed by a lunch in the Hall. It was good to see several members of the Over 50's Club joining us for the lunch, and some of them staying on for Solemn Evensong and Benediction which rounded off the weekend

Our Harvest gifts have been taken to the Wimbledon Guild for distribution to needy families, and the monetary collection will be sent to one of the countries in the Caribbean that has been devastated by the recent hurricanes.

On Friday 29th September our 'Open Church' will be a Macmillan coffee morning, which we hope will be well supported again this year.

I hope to be able to pay a quota this month, but I will be waiting until I have received the bank statement to make sure we do not go overdrawn.

Looking ahead to next month, we have another Jumble Sale on the 21st October so hopefully you will feel able to give it your full support. We already have a lot of Jumble - so providing we have enough help to get it out on the Friday afternoon and to serve behind the tables on the Saturday we should do well. We also need plenty of help clearing everything away afterwards - especially as many of the usual helpers will be unavailable this time.

Ann Wasielewska - Treasurer

Dates for your Diaries

Jumble Sale - Saturday 21st October

Many people don't like Jumble Sales - but they are one way of making money for the church, (our last one raised over £330) and they cost us nothing to run (apart from a little of our time!). Our next one will be on Saturday 21st October, and will be open from 12 noon - 2.00 pm.

'Many hands make light work'. As you know, we always need more money to cover all our expenses - sowe are appealing for you to help raise it.

The Boiler House is full of 'new' Jumble so, provided we have enough help, we should again do well.

We need: People to help advertise it beforehand. People to help sort on Friday afternoon from 2.30 pm. People to finish sorting from l0 am on Saturday morning. People to sell behind the stalls. People to help clear away afterwards. (ESSENTIAL!) Car drivers to take all the rubbish to the dump afterwards.

Please put the date in your diary, and do your bit to make it a success.

Thank you, in anticipation

Placing an advert in the local paper is costly, so we rely on church members to help' spread the word'

All Saints' Tide

Our Patronal Festival is at the beginning of next month, with its traditional Gift Day - which will hopefully boost Church Funds.  Also, if you have an All Saints' Box at home, please bring it to church  to be emptied.  (Children's Society boxes should be brought back to church in
December, as that money is usually sent off in January.)

We will be having an evening Mass on All Saints Day - Wednesday 1 st November.

There will also be Mass on November 2nd - All Souls Day.*

The times of both these services will be published in the weekly sheet  once they has been confirmed.
* The slips for names of the departed to be remembered at this Mass will be given out towards the end of October

  ALL SAINTS' QUIZ NIGHT with Fish 'n Chip Supper - Saturday 28th October


All Saints' Church Hall - Doors open at 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start.

Every year, as part of our Patronal Festival Celebrations, we hold an inter-church quiz. Hopefully the questions are not too difficult, often amusing, and certainly wide-ranging, so it promises to be an entertaining and enjoyable evening.

Invitations have been sent to a number of churches who usually take part, and to the school, and we usually field at least two teams from All Saints' Church.

The evening includes a choice of Fish' n Chips (£8 - 00 each), Sausage and Chips (£7 - 00 each), or just Chips (£4 - 00 each).

There is also a reduced price ticket (£3 - 00 each) for those who not require any food.

People are asked to bring their own drinks, glasses and eating utensils if required.

As we have to order the food in advance, we must know how many are coming, and have their payment for food by Sunday 15th October.

If you would like to take part in the quiz please add your name to the list at the back of the church and indicate your choice of food.


As reported in our July magazine, one suggestion for going forward was that we register with the Quiet Gardens Movement, opening up our church garden for a simple ministry of hospitality and prayer - possibly on a Friday, alongside 'Open Church', when refreshments would be available in the church if required.


This has now been done - and our garden is registered on the Quiet Gardens website. On Friday mornings, the side entrance will always be opened to give access to the garden as well as level access into the church for those coming to the 'Open Church'. The main doors will be unlocked as usual - although in cold weather (to keep the warmth in) they may be closed rather than wide open as in the summer months.


The Quiet Garden Movement - Sharing outdoor space for the inner journey.


The Quiet Garden Movement nurtures low cost, accessible, outdoor space for prayer, contemplation, rest and inspiration, in a variety of settings, such as private homes, churches, schools and hospitals. The first Quiet Garden opened in 1992 and today there are over 300 worldwide, including in the UK, Europe, Africa, Australasia and North America.


The Quiet Garden Movement flows from the example of Jesus' withdrawal to natural places to pray and his invitation, ' Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.'( Mark 6: 31)


⦁    Quiet Gardens are a local initiative and resource for people from your area. They operate in a low-key way and are situated in both town and country. They are accessible, friendly and adaptable to local needs, and aim to be places where people can find welcome, stillness and spiritual refreshment.


⦁    Quiet Gardens vary widely in their size and situation, but at their core is the provision of outdoor space intentionally set aside for prayer and silence.

⦁    Quiet Gardens are enjoyed in solitude or with others. Some offer quiet days or retreats at which a speaker may introduce a thought for reflection during the quiet time.


⦁    The outdoor sanctuary space of a Quiet Garden acts as both a context and focus, in which to share: - the inner search for wholeness; - natural beauty and silence; - wisdom from the Christian contemplative tradition.


Our hope is that the Quiet Garden at All Saints' will provide hospitality and a safe, quiet space for coming home to yourself, for spiritual contemplation and reflection, for silent prayer; A space where all will be welcome, to rest in the presence of God. You can read about the Quiet Gardens Movement on their website: And you will find a list of all the Quiet Gardens at:



Our Church Hall

Those of you who have been in the church hall recently - which I am  sure is most of you - will no doubt have seen the missing ceiling tiles -  spots in the roof where the water now comes dripping down each time it rains. "The hall needs a new roof' many people would say. And they  would be right. If only it were that simple!

Those of you who have been in the church for many years may remember the problems we had with the hall floor - the new floor  covering lifting after a few months, and having to be replaced. In one  area, it then lifted for a third time. The Architect made a detailed  inspection of the concrete base, and was able to solve the problem - but only for a limited period. His report said that the base should last for a maximum of 10 years - but that period has now elapsed. Looking down, there are signs that the problem is recurring. So "The  hall could do with a new floor" some would say.

Our Church Hall was built in the 1950's - at a time when halls could be placed on concrete slabs - no foundations required. But over time, the concrete slab fails, and many problems arise.  The bottom line is - we really need a new hall. 'Patching up' is not an  option - in the long term it would cost us more.

But new halls don't come cheap - and even if we apply for grants and manage to get money that way, these days all grant making bodies insist on the applicants raising a percentage of the total cost themselves. That is always one of the questions on the form - 'how much have you raised'. And it's no use waiting until the hall becomes unusable before we begin to do something. If it can't be used - there'd be even less money coming in.

So as a first step we are looking for holding specific fund raising events to raise money towards a new hall - and to this end, the Social Committee are giving everyone questionnaire, asking for their ideas. What would you come to? / What time of day would be best for you?/ etc ....

So please give this some thought, then take a questionnaire when they are available, fill it in and return it to church by the end of October.

Social Evenings


In order to raise funds towards new chairs for the church, Jane and Rita are organising a monthly Social Evening for church members and their families and close friends. There is Pool, Table Tennis and Table Games (if you have any games you would like to play with friends - feel
free to bring them) or you can just sit and chat over a drink. Come for just part of the evening if you prefer.

The charge is £2 a head (school children £1) which includes a cup of tea, coffee or squash, and a biscuit. Other items are on sale.  You may bring a bottle - but you must take it away with you afterwards.

Light Lunches in the Hall on Mondays


Following the success of the Lent Lunches, the Monday Pensioners asked whether they could continue - but to raise funds for a specific Church project. So all profits will go towards getting new chairs for the church. Open to all - you don't have to be a member of the club to come along.

Mondays in All Saints' Church Hall - come for 12.30 / 12.45 pm

A mug of Soup, A Roll with Cheese and Pickle, and A piece of Fruit - all for £1 - 50.

Church Open on Friday Mornings

All Saints' Church is open on Friday mornings from 9.00 am - 12 noon.

Tables are set out at the back of the church and Tea and Coffee is available for those who want somewhere warm and dry to sit and chat. This is also an opportunity for people to come in and sit quietly or to light a candle - and there is a prayer board by Mary for any who would like someone with a special need remembered in our prayers.

A board outside Church lets people know the church is open - but we also rely on word of mouth, so please help us 'spread the word'. And if you are free one Friday - why not come along.

   Walsingham News

Now that Fr. Christopher has been licensed as our Parish Priest, it is hoped that we will resume the meetings of our Walsingham Cell at All  Saints' on a regular basis.

As Fr. Christopher is a Priest Associate of Walsingham, he will be taking over from Fr. Michael as our Cell Superior.  Fr. Christopher hopes to celebrate Mass followed by a Cell meeting on  one Saturday every other month, starting at 12 noon.  The first of these will be on The Annunciation of The Lord, which is on  Saturday 25th March.

You do not have to be a member of The Society of Our Lady of  Walsingham, (which makes you a member of the Cell) to come to the  meetings, so it is hoped many members of the congregation -  especially those who regularly come on Pilgrimage to Walsingham -  will feel able to give it their support.

If anyone is interested in joining The Society of Our Lady of  Walsingham, just let me know and I can give you a copy of the leaflet  which tells you about it, and includes the application form.  There is also some information about Walsingham on the round tables  at the back of the church.

Jenny Hardy (Cell Secretary.)


The 2018 Weekend Pilgrimage to Walsingham, which (all being well) will be led by Fr. Christopher, will take place from Friday 27th - Monday 30th July 2018.

At least 15 of those who went this year have said they would like to go again next year. If YOU would be interested in coming on the Pilgrimage, please let me know as soon as possible.

The names of those wanting to come will be put on the list on payment of an initial £10 deposit per person. It will be 'first come, first served', because once all the places have been taken, I will be unable to secure any more.

At this stage I don't know exactly how much the weekend will cost as Walsingham will send me their charges in December, and I will be 'shopping around' for coach prices rather than relying on the firm we have used for the past few years.

The cost will cover transport there and back and all meals from Friday supper to Monday breakfast - 8 meals in all.

July may seem a long way off, - but if you pay the £10 deposit to reserve a place, and put by just £5 a week between now and then, you should have saved enough to cover the cost when the time comes.

Jenny Hardy (Pilgrimage Organiser)

News From All Saints' School

Our Christian value this term is creation which links very nicely to our learning values: respect and growth mindset. We think the world is amazing in every way, therefore, we believe everyone should respect it, in the same way we respect each other.


We studied the creation story and created a swirl which represented the 6 days when God created the world and rested on the 7th. We then wrote quotes from the bible over the top to create a new display in our assembly hall. After the lesson, we felt truly blessed to live in this world and it made us want to be creative ourselves and create something amazing! In addition, it made us have even bigger respect for God and what he created for us.

By Josie HaIlett and Ethan Ford (Year 6)

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