Harvest Festival

October 1st - All Saints' Church - The Whole School gather for their Harvest Festival

On Monday October 1st the whole school gathered in All Saints' Church for their Harvest Festival.  Already the walls were adorned with colourful and imaginative art work that the children had done in celebration of Harvest. In addition some of the children had written their own prayers for the Harvest and these were displayed along with the artwork.

Once gathered in the church the children sang hymns and read prayers that they had specially prepared for the occasion.  Then they brought up their gifts - and the generosity was clearly evident.  Soon two large tables were groaning under the weight of tins and packets - many carefully arranged in elaborately crafted boxes that the children had made. 

In the afternoon a group of the older children accompanied Father Michael to the All Saints' Day Centre where they presented gifts personally to some of the occupants.  The rest of the produce will be distributed by the Wimbledon Guild to those most in need.

Here are some pictures :-



                                                    Fruits from the Nursery

                                                     and from Reception



                                 Imaginative Work from Year One and a great collage!


                                             Fruit and leaves


      Trees and Fruit - Year Four      


                                           Very Colourful from Year 5


    Year Six     

Harvest Prayers



Harvest Gifts

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