S. Dominic – 8th August


Dominic was born at Calaruega, Spain in 1170.  He was educated in the schools of  Palencia and afterwards at university.  He lived by the Gospel and men came to join him, following his way of preaching and poverty.  Out of this grew the Order of Preachers (Dominicans). He died at the age of 51 exhausted with the labours and austerities of his eventful career.  He died at noon on the 6th August 1221.

S. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross – 9th August


Born Edith Stein in 1891, she was a German-Jewish Philosopher and Carmelite nun.  After reading the autobiography of S. Teresa of Avila whilst on holiday in 1921, she was baptised and gave up her work to teach in a Dominican girls school.  Here she familiarised herself with Catholic philosophy, and in 1932 became a lecturer at at the Institute for Pedagogy at Münster.  In 1933 she entered the Carmelite Convent at Cologne, but to avoid the growing Nazi threat, her order transferred her to the monastery at Echt in the Netherlands.  However, she was still not safe and, in 1942 the arrest of all Jewish converts who had previously been spared was ordered.  She and her sister Rosa were captured and and shipped to Auschwitz were they died in the gas chambers on August 9th 1942.  She was beatified in 1987 and canonised in 1998. .

S. Lawrence – 10th August


S. Lawrence was one of the seven deacons of ancient Rome and was martyred under the persecution of Valerian in 258 – four days after Pope Sixtus II and his four companions.

S. Clare - 11th August


S. Clare was born in Assisi in 1193 and followed S. Francis of Assisi in his life of poverty.  She founded the Order of Poor Ladies to organize the women who chose to embrace monastic life in the Franciscan vision.  She led an austere and prayerful life and died in 1253 at the age of 59.  She was canonised in 1255.

S. Pontian & S. Hippolytus – 13th August


Pontian became Bishop of Rome in 231 and was exiled to Sardinia, along with Hipppolytus, during the persecution of the Emperoro Maximinus.  He resigned from the papacy in 235.  Hippolytus was a prolific writer of the early church, but came into conflict with the popes of his time and for some time led a separate congregation.  Both of these Saints died in Sardinia.  Hippolytus is buried in the cemetery on the via Tiburtina, reconciled to the church as a martyr, and Pontian in the catacombs of Callistus.

S. Stephen of Hungary - 16th August

He was born in about 969 and baptised about sixteen years later (c. 985).  In 1000 he was crowned King of Hungary and was a wise ruler, supporting in any way he could the establishment of the Church there.  He died in 1038 on the Feast of the Assumption.