S. Cyril of Jerusalem – 18th March


Cyril was born in 315 and seems to have been ordained deacon by Bishop Macarius of Jerusalem about 335.  In 348 he became Bishop of Jerusalem himself when the Arian controversy was at its height and he was exiled several times. In his Catecheses he set out the true teaching of Christianity, scripture and the teaching of the Church.  He died in 386.

S. Joseph – Husband of Mary – 19th March


Joseph "of the House of David" (also known as Saint Joseph, Joseph the Betrothed, Joseph of Nazareth, Joseph the Worker and other titles) is known from the New Testament as the husband of Mary and although according to most Christian traditions he was not the biological father of Jesus of Nazareth, he acted as his foster-father and as head of the Holy Family.  He has become the guardian and patron of Christ’s universal Church.

S. Turibius of Mongrovejo – 23rd March


He was born in Spain about 1538, of noble family and highly educated, Turibius was named after another Spanish saint, Turibius of Astorga.  He became professor of law at the highly reputed University of Salamanca and during this time was ordained priest in 1578 and sent to Peru.  He became Bishop of Lima in 1581 and set about reforming the Church and caring for the oppressed. He travelled extensively throughout the country holding various diocesan and provincial synods.  He also set up seminaries and built churches and hospitals.  He died in 1606 whilst on one of his journeys.