Prayer List for 18th March and the week following

The parish, especially those living in......Cowper Road, Milton Road, Garfield Road and the staff and pupils of Garfield School.

Those in hospital....... 

Those in special need.....Beverley Davies, Kim Evans, Anthony Everett, Julia Garrett, Gill, Auriel Glanville, Harry,  June Lemon, Malcolm King, Michael, Sandra Peddy, Philip, John Snell, Denise Taylor, Tom Walsh.

Those in long‑standing illness / need ......Deirdre & Philip Stevens, Gordon Stockdale, Jim Sweeney, Nora Walker, Fr. Philip Warner, Gwen Watts, Betty Watts, Maureen Wells, Wendy, John & June Woodley, Zoe.


Years Mind.

William Godfrey Sceats, Joan Cushman, June Sturges, William Harradine, Albert Robbins, Lilian Mary Webb, Carrie Belcher, Winifred O'Donahue.

Please also pray for the parish of Christ the King, Sizinda - our link parish in the Anglican Diocese of Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.


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